Moving Checklist

Moving can be a hectic and stressful time. Here are a few tips to help make your move a smooth transition. Check them off as you complete each task.

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• Start a moving expense book. Some expenses may be tax deductible (keep all receipts).

• Get written estimates from at least two moving companies. Be sure to ask about any hidden or extra charges and get a written commitment confirming the moving date and time of arrival. If you are moving yourself call a rental company and book a truck.

• Insurance is important! Check with the moving company on what they will cover regarding lost or damaged goods. Be sure to check with your own company for coverage during the move and to review your policy for your new home. Also, if storage is necessary, does your insurance cover your possessions?

• If you are not using a moving company be sure to collect lots of sturdy boxes, paper, tape and markers. Marking the boxes clearly as you pack them will save you lots of time and energy as you move and unpack. Include the contents of the box as well as what room you would like it taken to at the new home.

• Notify your provincial health insurance and your doctor of your new address.

• Set up a file for all your important papers, you may need these for your lawyer, etc.

• Arrange for the changeover of all utilities, telephone, cable and hot water tank rental

__ Union Gas 1-888-774-3111                  __ Central Elgin Water 631-4860

__ Reliance (HWT) 1-866-735-4262      __ Port Stanley Post Office 782-3271

__ St Thomas Energy 631-5550               __ Erie Thames Power 1-877-850-3128

__ Bell Canada 310-2355                          __ Natural Resource Gas 773-5321

__ Rogers Cable TV 1-800-738-7892     __ Strathroy PUC 245-2010

__ Amtelecom TV/Phone 774-8441        __ London Hydro 661-5503

• Notify the post office of your change of address. Make sure you get some free “change of address cards” to mail to all your companies, friends and relatives.

Also advise:

__ Bank (re: new cheques, transfer accounts, personal loans, etc.)

__ Insurance companies: Home___________ Car ___________ Life___________

__ Credit card companies __ Employers

__ Doctors     __ Dentist

__ Newspaper and Magazines __ School records should be transferred

__ Library      __ Drivers Licence


• Take a good look at what is really worth moving and what is not. Be ruthless! Hold a garage sale or donate things to Goodwill or the Canadian Diabetes Association.

• Remind the kids to clean out their school locker. Anything at the dry cleaners?

• Return all items you have borrowed and get back what you have loaned.

• You should have a lot of things packed, but remember to keep some essentials unpacked.

• Order and have a garbage bin delivered to your driveway if you have a lot of stuff to dispose of. Please don’t leave garbage and unwanted items for the new owners!


• Prepare a list of all the items you want to take with you personally, including jewelry and items you would not entrust to the movers.

• Dismantle and / or unfasten anything that requires it.

• Confirm the booking (date and time) for the moving company or your truck rental

• Defrost and air dry the deep freezer.

• Your Lawyer will be calling to setup an appointment for you to sign all necessary papers.

• Garbage day is very important this week! Get rid of all last minute garbage.


• Call Earl & Nancy at 633-5570 if you want to do a “Final Inspection” of your new home.

• Do your last laundry then disconnect and drain the washer.

• Double check that all valuables have been accounted for.


• Disconnect, defrost and air dry the refrigerator.

• Lead packers around the house and make sure they understand all your instructions.

• Gather all the keys for your house, garage and sheds and mark them well for the new owners. Leave them in a kitchen cupboard or somewhere where they will be easily found.

• If you have a security system, change the code to something simple like 1-2-3-4 and leave a note for the new owners, that way you can use your old code at the new home.

• Pack all items you want to take with you personally and mark them clearly not to be loaded on the truck.

• If you are doing your own move, make sure everything is packed but the necessities. Don’t forget to keep your breakfast essentials for tomorrow morning.

• Make sure all pets are looked after, this is a trying time for them as well.


• Your deal may not close until 3 – 4 pm today but try to be loaded and ready to go by 2 pm

• Lay down plastic sheets to minimize dirt tracking into the house.

• Lead packers through the house reiterating your instructions.

• Do a final cleanup and check for forgotten items.


• Your Lawyer will call for you to pick up the keys to your new home. Get to the house before the movers, pick up some basics for snacks and lunch, it could be a long day.

• Verify that the utilities and phone have been activated.

• Lay down plastic to minimize dirt tracking into the house.

• Note any damage. You won’t be able to check everything so when asked to sign off for the movers also write “subject to any hidden loss or damage.”

• First priorities will be beds and a basic kitchen.

• Order out for dinner, you deserve it! Welcome to your new home!

   This Moving Checklist is courtesy of:

Earl Taylor – Broker and Nancy Taylor – Sales Representative

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